Dr. Simon WONG

Dr. Simon W.H. WONG

Assistant Scientific Manager, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong

Dr. Simon WONG is the Assistant Scientific Manager at Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong, focusing on the Foundation’s marine conservation endeavors. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong. His study focused on the impacts from various human activities onto the local wild Chinese White Dolphins. His study has provided new understanding on how urban development in the past decades had influenced the local dolphins. Simon’s research interests include any interface between human and marine wildlife, such as habitat encroachment, wildlife tourism, natural resources exploitation and conservation management etc. In the past years, Simon has involved in fieldwork in South Africa, Russia and Asian countries including Hong Kong and China. He took part in an international monitoring program in Russia on a critically endangered Gray whale species, contributing to the protection of the whales from oil and gas exploitation in their feeding habitat. Besides, Simon has participated in various marine conservation workshops in the region in order to promote better scientific standard among Southeast Asian countries.