Mr. Scott STILES


Co-Founder and CEO, Fair Employment Foundation

Scott Stiles is Co-Founder and CEO of Fair Employment Foundation, an NGO that builds market solutions to end the forced labour of migrant workers across Asia.

After an internship in Hong Kong, Scott spent his last year at university developing a business plan for an ethical placement agency to set a new standard for the broken recruitment market. Scott then moved to Hong Kong where he and his co-founders realised the plan as Fair Employment Agency. In the four years since launching, Fair Employment Agency's team of 20+ people has placed more than 2700 workers in safe jobs without recruitment debt.

Since 2014, FEF initiatives continues to set new standards for recruitment and training, improving the eco-system of migrant worker recruitment.

Recognised as one of Forbes “30 Under 30” social entrepreneurs in Asia, Scott is now based in Manila, building out the next stage of FEF’s interventions to end exploitative recruitment at greater scale, in other migrant work industries and geographies.

Scott is convinced that business can solve forced labour globally.

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