Founder and Design Manager, Woodrite

Sue WONG is devoted to protecting the environment by promoting upcycling and changing consumer behaviour and practically promoting environmental sustainability.

As a furniture designer, Sue has chosen a unique career path by setting up the first local-to-local furniture brand in Hong Kong. Woodrite, established in 2013, reclaims discarded wood and refashions it into durable and functional handcrafted furniture. Sue regularly organises workshops for participants to learn how to repair broken furniture using previously disposed wood, thus illustrating her motto, “Trash to Treasure”.

In the past 3 years, Sue has saved more than 200 tons of wood from landfills, extending their lifecycles as they get transformed into usable and attractive furniture. Woodrite has provided furnishings for restaurants, including Chomega and Hungry Elephant; organisations like Greenpeace and even residents among others.

By implementing an upcycling and refurbishment concept, Sue takes an emphatic stand on how to reduce waste, thus educating people on how to cherish the earth’s natural resources.