TAM Ho Yuen

TAM Ho Yuen

Co-Founder, iSEE Mobile Apps

Yuen Tam is the Co-founder of iSEE Mobile Apps, which provides services and opportunities through information technology to facilitate equal social participation of the visually impaired. With the goal of breaking through social barriers, iSEE has gained a variety of recognitions including the Champion of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2016. He also has experience in representing Hong Kong to participate in Asian social enterprise competition and social enterprise conference.

Yuen is also the Associate Consultant in Education for Good, which is a leading social innovation consultancy in Hong Kong. He works with companies, organizations and universities to help nurture and scale social innovations in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China. He is passionate to share his experience in social innovation to inspire people to join this path.

Yuen graduated from Lingnan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. He has developed keen interest in social innovation since school years and is excited to continue his passion on this area in the future.

Learn more here: http://web.iseemobile.com/